Mount Pleasant Progress Association Incorporated

The name of the organisation is Mount Pleasant Progress Association Incorporated – but we are to be known as…

MOUNT PLEASANT  INC. (Incorporated)

This committee has now been formally accepted by The Barossa Council, as the leading organisation for the township of Mount Pleasant.

Interim Chairperson – Stephen Corbally

Interim Secretary – Genevieve Hebart

Interim Treasurer – Nick Manser

Public Officer – Ashley Dent

Other committee members – Helen Swincer, Bob Long, John Bowd,  Diane Anderson, Vicki Fawcett

The Constitution can be found Mount Pleasant Progress Association Constitution

Enquiries to

With the disbandonment of the S41 Committees of The Barossa Council, the local community voted to establish a new Town Committee as the voice for local issues.

The Council owned facilities of Talunga Park and the Soldiers Memorial Hall will be managed by Mount Pleasant Inc (MPI) with budget from The Barossa Council and planned fundraising. It is planned to take into consideration the Talunga Park Master Plan and Main Street Management Plan as a guide.

If you would like to be involved or have some suggestions please contact the Chairperson or Secretary, to have your say…

After community consultation at a recent Community Dinner here is the latest Community feedback May 2016