Soldiers Memorial Hall and Main Street Committee

Mount Pleasant Soldiers Memorial Hall and Main Street Committee

advises with regard to the Soldiers’ Memorial Hall and Melrose Street, Mount Pleasant.

In December 2015 The Barossa Council disbanded the previous Section 41 committees, of which the Hall committee was one, and so the group is now termed a ‘Voluntary Advisory Group’ and currently reports to The Barossa Council. A new committee is in the process of establishment, Mount Pleasant Inc., which will eventually become responsible for the two previous Council committees in Mount Pleasant; namely Talunga Park and the Hall.

The Hall committee meets fourth Monday of the month, excepting December, and the January meeting is changed to the previous Monday to 26th January.

Committee members are

Diane Anderson – phone 08 8568 2428
Paula Bartsch – phone 08 8568 2126

Michael Seager, Margaret Seager, Kath Fisher, Angela Slagter, Irene Gall, Bill Tapscott, Barb Tapscott, Andrew Minge, David Kroehn


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