Mens Shed History


In 2012 an interest was shown in the development of a Mount Pleasant Mens Shed, instigated by Bob Long;  a place where people, but men in particular, could meet and socialise, and with an equipped shed, be able to conduct a hobby such as wood-working.

Barossa Council has now agreed to the site at Old Talunga Park, adjacent to the Bowling Club and Tennis/Netball Clubs.  Work has been carried out at this site, clearing vegetation and assessing just what the site can offer, and it has now had fill put in place ready for consolidation over the winter period.

The group of men involved are keen and energetic and have been raising funds ready for the building of a shed and provision of equipment, in order to have a regular meeting place.

In the process of planning a shed they have dismantled two, harvested forest timber and milled over 3,000 metres of timber into suitable sizing to build their 21m x 12m shed.    Their aim was to have in place a slab at Old Talunga Park within the 2014-2015 year, ready for the construction of a large shed for future use by the community, however the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly… they have continued their fundraising, whilst continuing discussions with Barossa Council with regard to their support, in a similar manner to the support given to the Barossa Mens Shed at Tanunda (which the council supported with $23,000 in funding). Barossa Council have now agreed to support funding of $23,000 for the Mount Pleasant Mens Shed Inc.

The knowledge from within the group is vast, and there is always an answer found to any question that arises.