Football returned to Talunga Park in July 2015 after an absence of many years, and even though the weather has been atrocious, the support has been very pleasing.

In relation to the club at Mount Pleasant ‘The Encyclopaedia of South Australian Country Football Clubs’ has the following information… The football club had many different names. Mount Pleasant Club was formed in 1913 and was a founding member of the Torrens Valley Football Association. In 1922 they moved to the Murray Ranges Association and back to Torrens Valley in 1924. In 1926 The Talunga Football Club was formed with some other towns. Mount Pleasant reformed in 1932 and continued thus until 1962 when they merged with the Eden Valley Rovers and became Pleasant Valley Football Club. In 1989 Mount Torrens and Pleasant Valley merged to become Torrens Valley. Torrens Valley became part of the Hills Country League, first in Division 2 and then Division 1.


The Register newspaper of July 31 1901 recorded that Mount Torrens played Mount Pleasant on the local oval with Mount Torrens scoring 2 goals and the locals had no score.

There are references in the newspapers, as early as 1903 to games being played with nearby towns.

The Mount Barker Courier and Gumeracha Advertiser newspaper states that a club was reformed in 1908. Twenty three members were enrolled and the first game was to be against Eden Valley.

One of the earliest references to the club was in the Mount Barker Courier and Gumeracha Advertiser, 2nd August 1918 when they played Blumberg for the third time winning two of the three times. It was noted that because of the rain the ground “was a bit sloppy”.

The Advertiser on the 26th July 1929 noted that Peter Bampton a former Port Adelaide player was playing for the Talunga Football Club and coaching the team.
When World War 1 began the clubs enthusiastically raised funds. One of their players Bill Polden was killed 6 days after landing at Gallipoli.
Sid Treloar a veteran football player died on the football ground on the 9th Sept. 1950.